Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Update

This is my winter image. The one in my mind. Where things are bright white and cold wet. The one where quiet overtakes you, catching you and making you listen: Deepen, Rest, Swell. . . Ready to Burst forth. But. . . along this coastal edge the snow barely specks the brown. Ice still glazes our farm road, making walking a bit challenging; warning that the woods are protected from those not fully dedicated to arriving there.

We are readying, all the same, in our minds, our bodies, and our hearts for next steps-- both on and off the homestead. Our November trip to Standing Rock transformed itself to voice-- all the knowings collected over endless time suddenly flow into song and prose. That voice hasn't gone unnoticed, so we find ourselves off the farm, here and there, sharing our words and hearts.

At the farm is a mix of the unfun: taxes and fafsas, budgets and orders; the adventurous: woods walks and neighborhood gatherings; the to do's: carpentry, seed and chick orders, preparations and BEST: the dreaming-- flowers and colors, improvements and tweaks, music and meditation, hopes and dreams.

Soon, we'll take a last break before the B.U.S.Y. sets in. We will breathe in smells and hold a new place in our hands until it flows into our hearts. And we will carry its Hellos back to our place, The Nancy Place, and hope those hellos ripen into fruit that feeds our soles and souls during our busy season.

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Sunday, June 5, 2016



 Regular Share: $25/wk June­October Cash, Check or PayPal. For payment via PayPal ( please add $5 service fee. $100 payable on the first delivery of the month (July & October have 5 weeks­ $125)
 ~No order should have a value of less than $25. ~ 

June orders typically start with greens and herbs and get more bountiful throughout the season before winding down in October with winter squashes and more greens. 

Order pick ups:Sundays at UUCE Ellsworth and at the Castine waterfront or at the farm stand @ 1313 Bald Mountain Road on a day of your choice. 

Sample June: A specialty item (whole chicken, frozen blueberries, maple syrup) chard, cooking greens, lettuce, peas, herbs, rhubarb 

Sample July​: Kale, chard, summer squash, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, herbs, carrot, radish, garlic scapes, cucumbers 

Sample August-​­October Blueberries, cabbage, kohlrabi, beet, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumbers, greens, edamame, flowers 

*hard frosts will eliminate tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, and summer squashes from your orders. Extra cold hardy veggies will be substituted. 

Additional specialty items:​eggs $5/dozen , turkey pre­order $50 (November delivery), whole chicken $4/lb, maple syrup $10/pint, bulk freezer berries $3/lb (available August), flowers $5 bouquet

Monday, February 29, 2016

Help us with some market research!

Hello Maine Friends and Nancy Place Visitors!

We are applying for a permit to open a farm stand/small business, as well as putting together a pretty solid business plan—this little market survey (link at bottom) will help us with our direction as we submit applications and apply for loans.  We'd so very much appreciate your responses to our survey, and for you to pass this link on. 

Some suggestions for who to send the link to:

Family in the area
Other neighbors
Friends in the surrounding area
Frequenters of the Great Pond Mountain Wildlands
Commuters who use RTE 46 or Bald Mountain Road
Business Owners in the Bucksport, Dedham, Orland areas
Anyone else who is remotely interested in the local food movement, rural living skills or an eco-lifestyle.

Here’s the link—we’ll be posting it on Facebook and Google+ as well, but we’d really appreciate the early feedback and any sharing you could do for us! 

Much Love,
Molly & Shawn Mercer

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blueberries! Yum!

Come on over, the handpicking is awesome! 

Open Wednesdays- Saturdays 8am-5pm or by appointment.        207-949-7662

Support local farms and come on over to harvest some blueberries! We can pick or rake you some if you are unable to get here during open hours, but we are happy to make individual picking/raking appointments to suit your schedule.  Give us a call, send us a text, shoot us an email! We'd love to have you here at our homestead in Orland, Maine! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

turtles turtles!

 Each spring and early summer The Nancy Place hosts lots of visiting turtles. They likely have been journeying to the forests and blueberry field around their wetland home (now our home too) for an endlessly stretching amount of time (according to turtle experts, female turtles return to their place of birth to lay their eggs).

We didn't have as many snappers in our yard this year-- it was a hard winter and perhaps their oxygen supply wasn't quite enough-- we were sad to miss them this year. They typically arrive like clockwork, mid-June, during a rainy spell. This year mid-June rains came and only one tired looking snapper, who didn't stay long, showed up (Usually we have three gals in our yard).

There have been lots of painted turtles on the blueberry field this year, and one in our yard. The hatchlings must have overwintered in their nest since we are finding them (2 now) in our gardens. This little one got itself stuck in a little plastic pond and couldn't get itself out.


Here's last year's snapper laying her eggs in my garden:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Old and New

Last night was our "old and new" dinner. It is sort of an unofficial tradition, a head nod among lengthening busy days, as we use the last of winter's storage and combine it with spring's first crops.

We used up the last of our winter squash,  a Spaghetti Squash turned into pizza earlier in the week, and there was only one lonely pumpkin left. We collected parsnips, greens (spinach, lovage, dandelion, chard, kale & chive) and fiddleheads from the spring garden and turned the pumpkin into curry soup and muffins for our Old/New Dinner.

We are already feeling well-fed again by our little farm, with abundant eggs and ample meat, greens, herbs and parsnips. We feel such gratitude for this little slice of paradise!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Singing Spring

Last night the phoebes that nest in the eves just outside our bedroom window returned-- chattering into my dreams. They have nested as a pair here for years. I imagined them having a marital squabble about the late night arrival and the nest being clearly unfit for rearing chicks. It has been an incredibly long winter and I am quite positive their little nest, years old, took a beating.

The geese too, have flown in and on, northward. The wind and sun have whipped away the snow, and the garden has become a flowing stream of run-off, in spite of our water-slowing terraces. Butterflies have floated by and the earth is coming alive with sprouts, insects, and new sounds.

Treasures in the Forest

The snow did hang on for a few days of spring weather, letting us ski ourselves into sunshiny locations as the sun magnified snow-amped vitamin D into our winter weary faces. It must be how the first wintery flowers feel as they burst through the snow to bloom, in spite of (or because of?) obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Open Mic in our Kitchen 

Second Saturday Open Mic at Bald Mountain Community Center

Song too, has filled the house, along with sunshine, as the girls sing themselves through mud season, studies & farm chores. It has been so beautiful to see their confidence build and to find that connection with their Dad.

Days have been filled with dark, dark sap collecting and boiling, planting seeds and transplanting seedlings, harvesting food (always ongoing), clearing land for new pastures, making needed changes to one of our rentals, and finding delicious ways to use the last of our canned and frozen foods. Aside from our roasting chickens, we have been having quiches and pestos, green bean casseroles and edamame snacks, pumpkin soups and pies and deer and veggie stews. We did really well with our preserves this year-- only purchasing staples (flours, spices, pastas, rice) a few veggies (brassicas & onions), dairy and then some life-easing unnecessary things like bananas and organic corn chips. The grocery bill was much lower and we all feel pretty healthy!

Organic chickens being processed