It's Blueberry Time!

We’ve had lots of inquiries and a few folks who’ve come out and been confused, so here’s the info for interested u-pickers.

*We are a mellow, self-serve u-pick operation.

* We are pretty much always open from now until the blues are gone, but definitely call ahead if you’d like to meet animals or have questions. Call 207-949-7662 and leave a message

*It’s best if you bring your own pint or quart containers. We have some if you forget.

*Arrive to 1313 Bald Mountain Rd, Orland and STOP, get out of your car, go into the farm-stand, and READ THE DIRECTIONS. Then sign in in the little black notebook, including your date and time. Do not go to field without checking in first. We appreciate your cooperation.

*We operate on the honor system, when you’re through picking, please leave cash or check on the way out.

**rakers: call ahead to set a plan, as you will need assistance with scale and winnower**

Thank you for your business and shared love of Maine’s awesome wild blueberries.

If you'd like to meet our sheep, chickens, and pet pigs, please be sure to call ahead to see if Maizey, our young teen, is available. She offers tours and Meet & Greets for donations. 

The Nancy Place specializes in care of a natural wild blueberry field on our property.As we have taken over management practices for the family field, we have moved toward natural practices to maintain the quality and integrity of the berries, as well as the surrounding environment. The berries are organically grown and the field is pruned without the harshness and ecologically unsound propane burn. Instead, we carefully target areas for pruning by mowing that are least likely to affect nesting turtles, birds and the milkweeds so precious to the increasingly endangered monarch butterfly. We have also opened the field to Pick-your-own and have loved hosting tourists and locals alike to are grateful for the quiet immersion in the wild place that is our home. For info on our blueberries or on the u-pick season, or to arrange a homestead tour, just use the contact form on our page.

New at The Nancy Place

We've always got lots of interesting stuff going on, as life leads us in new directions and we just try to catch up! New this season is a glamping site on the edge of our wildlife pond:

For more info about our Tentrr site, and to book: Click Here

And we are getting along pretty well on the site prep for our second high tunnel:

And Molly has started accepting clients for energy balancing sessions (you can book right here on the homepage!):

Learn More:

We welcomed some new friends:

In a much sadder vein, we said goodbye to our beloved Beauty. Not too ready to talk about that yet:

And we've had our usual visitors:

And we're baking and making our usual things:

Summer Transitions

Almost summer. . . and we find ourselves very briefly coming up for air.  We are transitioning from the rush of planting and preparing into a busy maintenance mode, that is topped off with a giant hopeful list of projects. These normal transitions--like the changes of seasons--, and the brief pauses between them, remind us that it's ok to change, it's ok to grow into new areas. It's been a bit of a hard go, as farming and small business can be, and we find ourselves in an unexpected transition. Life does this sometimes, we know, and it's hard and exciting and such a curiosity all at once. 

We've been slow to see how the old and the new weave together.  The last six or so years we have pushed to get ourselves set up with a careful and diverse plan that kept all our farm eggs spread into several baskets, while also keeping true to our hearts and mission. But all good ideas and plans are shared, and we've watched the market saturate in every.single.area. that we had set ourselves up in. The messages have been clear, but we have had such a hard time understanding how all the doors that had opened to us so easily and successfully could be closing to us so suddenly. And so, acceptance. . . it's time to become more aligned; more specific in what we are dedicating ourselves to. And that means letting some things go, and it means adding some things that are calling to us. 

What we think we are becoming is more of a dedicated retreat space. Rather than casually pursuing our mission, we intend to pursue it more wholeheartedly. We hope to welcome guests specifically for retreats, workshops, adventures and connective experiences.  Shawn has increasingly been weaving wisdom and story into musical presentations that are heartfelt and inspirational and Molly has dedicated her next two years to cultivating her healing work and sharing her gifts. Both experiences will be woven into the deepening mission on the homestead.  We'll also be able to offer farm-to-table pick-up catering and to-go lunches and dinners, and a bigger list of experiences--from re-wilding to energy medicine, to guided out-our-door adventures, and workshops-- but as transitions can be, we expect it may be a little messy as we figure it all out, so please bare with us! Do ask us lots of questions, do book your stay, do schedule an energy session or a workshop, do order your foods with us and shop at our farm store-- we'll need your advice and encouragement. Thanks for all your support, we appreciate you. 

Welcome !

The Nancy Place sits on 200 acres of family land in Orland, Maine. It is a mostly wooded place, with our little off-grid, solar farm...