Eat Your Art.

Bending in the hoop house, sweating, I am overcome by the beauty of a leaf of lettuce. It is spotted, no motled, with maroon over an army-green leaf. It is glistening sunlight off drops of water. I look around, suddenly acutely aware of the leaf of kale, beaded with water and the pattern of the spinach, the flowering arugala; the bolting cilantro. . . all of it, Art.

Nature is art – everywhere spiraling forth into new life or decaying into new patterns. In the garden, we get to play with Nature’s canvas—we get to pretend that we are the artist.

How many times have I waited too long to harvest—let the prime pass by because I was too obsessed with watching the act of art—the actual action of art. The growing, unfurling, shooting forth—the intricate patterns and the way the palette mixes on the canvas in forms of insects, water, dust, light. . . .It hit me how often I have let the lettuce turn bitter or the arugala seed just for this reason—for this obsession with observation. But now, I’m realizing that this gift of playing artist, this gift that is alone for the gardener; the steward—is the gift of consuming art. Yes! We get to make the art a part of us! We then become not just artist, but also the art itself—in its ever-unraveling process of becoming. What a gift it is to be a gardener. Go ahead, eat your art!