Dream Seeds

Last night, in my dreams, my Maine neighbor opened a mail package. It was filled with seed packets. She was bright and happy and excited to begin a new cycle of sprouting potential and possibilities into a nourishing reality.  Yesterday, here, a half world away, I pushed tiny seeds into wind-dried soil, and wondered about place, roots, deepening, and growth. In keeping with the Law of Attraction, this was posted on Facebook yesterday:

If in Maine, I would be browsing seed catalogs, sketching the vegetable beds, and maybe thinking about which new trees to tap and what to start in the greenhouse. Here, I am trying to understand this soil and to understand why something that looks so obviously easy (growing food near the equator) is so darn hard.
I think, it took me years to get the Nancy Place soil to where it is now, it took me years to understand the subtleties of growing in a Northern Climate. The Earth gives easily, but not without care, patience, and relationship. Here, I am still a spectator to the rich life around me. I walk through one of the most amazing ecosystems in this wide world, and I watch, I listen. I harvest bananas from my backyard-- but I do nothing except to take. It takes commitment to build a relationship with the cycles of nature; it takes seeking, listening, yearning. Here we walk in a temple-- honoring, loving, and being constantly amazed at the glory around us. Which place is deepening us? Which place is growing us tall? We are filled with more questions as we reach for answers. The seeds are planted: roots grow down; leaves grow up and out. These are things we know-- where ever we go.