Hey there Baby!

B A B I E S. . .


Agnes is a sweet girl. But we may have a piggy that beats a bit to her own rhythm.  We knew by talking to her previous farmer that she may be the type to be out foraging to the last minute. She may be the type to wait until the end before building her birthing nest. Well. We are getting to know her for sure! Our intuitions peaked the last few days; we watched her with hawk eyes. She became a bit more moody around her food. Gideon pestered her a bit more. She seemed a bit more needy/lovey. But no swelling, no nesting, no signs of giving up the acorn search.

Sunday we were exhausted from worrying into the night—we didn’t quite have the heated box finished. We were setting the alarm for every few hours to check her. Around noon on Sunday (the 27th ) she decided to leave the yard to walk to the neighbors. (1/4 mile away down a long lonely road).  We shook our heads at her as the girls coaxed her home.

Sunday night about midnight the alarm sounded—I hadn’t slept still for worry that we’d miss the alarm. Ugh.  Shawn roused to check her, quickly coming back to say that one was out already and to hurry. I got into warm clothes, roused the girls, grabbed the wiping cloths and headed out into the cold. Shawn got the heat on and the girls came out to cuddle some life and warmth into the first born—Trouble.

Agnes then proceeded to begin to be agitated, started (!!!) building her nest, and continued building it for Two. More. Hours.  All the while little Trouble waited. We tried to get him a chance to nurse as she would briefly settle, but he seemed a bit ‘troubled’ by it all.

At 2am the babies started coming again. Trouble, a boy, was followed by Solita, then Luna, and then two more boys—Tiger and Leo (for Leopard).  Once they were all out, they all had a chance to nurse while we waited for the placentas. The girls were very helpful (Shawn was exhausted and disappeared around 1am). They kept the babies warm and safe while Mama was up and down and all around working through her labor.  Ella hit the couch around 2, but Maizey stayed until a bit after 3 to see the placentas come out. This part was a bit confusing. The placentas should be attached to each piggy, but since she was moving around so much they broke off. She instead delivered a large mass at the end. It will be interesting to see how the next delivery (hopefully in the early spring) will go.  We are still new to pigs and kune kunes, so we have a lot to learn. Learning through doing seems to be how we go, so hold on. . .