Edges of Wisdom

At the edge of great sadness, at the edge of great suffering, at the edge of great emotions, at the edge of great desires and yearnings, at the edge of great loves and great accomplishments, wisdom grows.

Out at the edge of nothing, when all has been laid bare-- that is where we can see its tenacious grasp on us-- believing in us, even here at the edge of our own worlds. Wisdom is risky; edgy-- in so many ways. Earned by a risk-taking or life shattering moment, it teases you with small understandings or crashes you with deep insights. Sometimes it hits you over the head, sometimes it vanishes as you reach for it-- begging you to stir, to seek. When we wisen, we are gently pushed into deeper awakening. Through a clearing fog, things crystallize.

Deeper awakening brings deeper responsiblities -- deeper relational understanding, and deeper awareness of the infinite connections of everything. EVERYTHING.  With wisdom, we watch more, listen more, understand more-- no longer able to close ourselves to what has opened inside. Each piece of wisdom, each small understanding is integrated, and we cannot turn away. 

At the edge, we can make choices, without the tornado of life swirling around us. We can let go of what does not serve our wisened selves, we can see the lightness in letting go of material burdens, old patterns, and trapping grudges and resentments. When we let go, wisdom fills us. It balances the burdens of responsibility with the wings we grow --when we let go.

An edge brings us clarity. Seeing clearly allows us to let go of what is not needed, be it old patterns, material things, grudges and resentments. This lightening of our load balances the heaviness that wisdom responsibility can bring-- balance enables us to act on our wisdom. Wisdom is personal evolution. It is slow enlightenment.

Walk to the edge of your world. See the flowers clinging wildly to the cliff.

The Desert is Fertile
by Dom Helder Camara:

"Do not fear the truth,
hard as it may appear,
grievously as it may hurt,
it is still right
and you were born for it.
If you go out to meet
and love it,
let it exercise your mind,
it is your best friend
and closest sister."