Gratitude and Nourishment

It has been a slow melt and a slower thaw in the Northeast-- the snow left, only to be replaced by a long mud season, a late rainy season, and black-fly season. On the bright side, when the sun shines, EVERYONE notices this spectacular treasure, and that, I think, really matters. What if we allowed that gratitude to enrich and nourish us each day, realizing the positive side to each frustration?

I think gratitude comes more easily the closer you live to the earth. When you look for and depend on the elements, when you watch for the return of seasonal mainstays like blossoms, pollinators, and wild foraged deliciousness-- gratitude fills first your soul, and then your body, each day.

There are set-backs. There are slugs, there are destructive beetles, there are losses-- but always the balance returns after the scales are tipped. It is easy to forget, during hard times, that the scale is fair. It tips in both directions-- destruction is balanced with abundance. Everything has a place.