January Update

This is my winter image. The one in my mind. Where things are bright white and cold wet. The one where quiet overtakes you, catching you and making you listen: Deepen, Rest, Swell. . . Ready to Burst forth. But. . . along this coastal edge the snow barely specks the brown. Ice still glazes our farm road, making walking a bit challenging; warning that the woods are protected from those not fully dedicated to arriving there.

We are readying, all the same, in our minds, our bodies, and our hearts for next steps-- both on and off the homestead. Our November trip to Standing Rock transformed itself to voice-- all the knowings collected over endless time suddenly flow into song and prose. That voice hasn't gone unnoticed, so we find ourselves off the farm, here and there, sharing our words and hearts.

At the farm is a mix of the unfun: taxes and fafsas, budgets and orders; the adventurous: woods walks and neighborhood gatherings; the to do's: carpentry, seed and chick orders, preparations and BEST: the dreaming-- flowers and colors, improvements and tweaks, music and meditation, hopes and dreams.

Soon, we'll take a last break before the B.U.S.Y. sets in. We will breathe in smells and hold a new place in our hands until it flows into our hearts. And we will carry its Hellos back to our place, The Nancy Place, and hope those hellos ripen into fruit that feeds our soles and souls during our busy season.