Ella's farm stories

Goat, Pig and Chicken Picture Stories.

Silly Goats

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Ella. Her favorite activities were playing with her sister named Maizey and taking care of the animals.

Ella had her own cat and two horses, four pigs, ten chickens, three more cats, goats and a dog. Ella was very excited to get the goats. The person that was selling the goats said to Ella, “Once we left the house. When we came back, the goats were gone!! So, we went in the house—there were goats everywhere! Even jumping on the beds!”

The Four Pigs

The four pigs are named Agnes, Solita, Luna, and Gideon. The boy, Gideon, we usually call Giddy. Gideon and Agnes' nicknames are Fatso and Hotlips, but Agnes doesn't really have 'hot lips'. If you scratch Solita or Luna or Gideon or Agnes when she's laying down, they will roll over. When it's feeding time they're always up in the pasture, so when you call them, you get to see them run, which is funny.

Our Chickens

We have a lot of chickens. Their names are Summer, Honey Hen, Tuts, Benjamin, Big Asshole, Hopsy, Flocksy, Nightshade and a bunch more chickens with no names. Hopsy likes to dig for worms with me. Hopsy was born on the farm with Big Asshole. They are the exact opposite. Big Asshole is an Asshole and Hopsy is a Lovebug. Big Asshole attacks every one. Hopsy loves everyone. I love Honey Hen. She's a red, red hen and her rooster is black and white. Once my mom was sitting on the couch and heard wings flapping, so she looked out of the window and there was the little white rooster fighting a hawk! Honey Hen was hiding in a bush. So she ran outside and kicked the hawk and the little rooster's new name is Hero.


Our Horses

We have  two horses and their names are Beauty and Belle. Beauty is mine and Belle is Maizey's. Beauty is a Morgan and Belle is a Tennessee Walker. The look of our horses:
Our horses, Belle and Beauty, and the author, Ella Bird, playing violin to Sassy Cat.
Belle has the markings of a Pinto and Beauty has the markings of a Chestnut. We are allowed to ride Beauty and Belle in the pasture. Belle will get antsy and gallop with Maizey on her back, that is why we ride in the pasture, so Belle behaves.