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Rural Roots Revival Music & Events
The Nancy Place
1313 Bald Mountain Road
Orland Maine, 04472

Rural Roots Revival:

Farmer Shawn & Daughter Maizey (14 yrs) have been teaming up to play Shawn's original songs and some well-selected covers that emphasize connection to the earth, a heart-centered life, and their ever-deepening rural roots.  Shawn and Maizey play locally at restaurants, benefits, churches, and coffeehouses. Contact them here or on Facebook to book or for more info.

You can listen to Shawn's albums on Spotify, if you have membership (It's free to sign up).  Click on the album below to enjoy:

Boondock Blues

To purchase a CD, reach out to us-- we are happy to send! Or you can purchase a download here.

Touring Presentation:
The Water Inside: Finding Love in the Tears

Please keep in mind as you promote this event that it is designed as an experience rather than an informational, and that our message is one of the heart rather than one of the head.

Presentation Requirements:

  • ·       Promotion from host site (We will create FB event for you to promote, and help with press releases—Host site should promote through social media, list servs, email, postering, etc)
  • ·       Screen or plain wall to project onto
  • ·        Internet connection strongly suggested
  • ·        Sound system suggested (will need notice if not able to provide)
  • ·        Display table (handouts, donation jars, etc)
  • ·        Host site pre-arrangement of payment (suggested $100 honorarium and permission to collect donations)
  • ·        Appropriate seating

Please refer to this page for viewing of past events or to share a current event:
More about us:

Upcoming offerings include:

A Homesteader’s Thoughts on Healing the World   music and story by Shawn Mercer
Leaning into the Heart  a workshop on activism and living lightly approached from the inside out
Rural Roots Revival:  A dad and daughter duo  Shawn and Maizey cover all sorts of ground in a friendly concert about living lightly, loving the earth, homesteading, and love.
Sunday Sermon   Molly and/or Shawn's writings and insights tailored to your needs or themes
Presentation Topics  Localize, Heart Risk, Leaning in, Deep Normal, Everyday Story (get in touch for more info or to ask for specific presentation topics)

Thank you, truly, for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Molly & Shawn Mercer