Rooted Heart Wellness

For immediate information on Molly's work in the field of energy healing, or to book and appointment with Rooted Heart Wellness, please contact Molly at

6 hours and up • $475-- 6+ sessions
Patterns in the body, that develop as pain or dis-ease, have built themselves over long periods of time and are typically entwined with trauma, repetitive thinking, and repetitive emotional responses. The body can not un-learn or develop new patterns in an instant (I mean, unless you're going quantum !!) and in this way, a real journey in energy transformation takes place over a longer period of time with a commitment to hard work-- daily practice-- and dedication to building new patterns in not just the energy systems but also in thinking and emotional responses. Contact FMI.

30 minutes • donation only
Treatment for diagnosed illnesses or to balance and enhance the immune system following the ZDENKO DOMANČIĆ method. Treatments are typically at the end of each month over four consecutive days. Individual or distance sessions can be arranged

45 minutes and up • Sliding Scale $30-$60
Energy Session strictly focusing on cleansing the 7 major chakras from the energies that restrict their natural flow. Includes quick balancer at the start of the session to harmonize the body. This session is ideal for someone who just needs a quick tune up or does not anticipate being able to come in for multiple sessions.

1 hour 30 minutes and up • Sliding Scale $45-90 for session in my home
Relaxing session that removes blockages, levels energy flows, and initiates healing processes.

1 hour • $12/pp (minimal hourly rate is $50-- so gather some friends)
Learn to trace your meridians, a daily energy wellness routine, and where to massage several lymphatic points. This hour is appropriate for groups or individuals. At your location or mine. Lunch can be included for an $12/pp

45 minutes and up • Sliding Scale $45-$75
Testing to determine energy organization, flow and health of meridians, lymphatic system, chakra system and any areas of concern in your body. Education for corrections needed will be offered. Self-testing can be taught. Testing for foods and medicines can also be done