U-Pick Wild Maine Blueberries

The Nancy Place specializes in the care of a natural wild blueberry field on our property. As we have taken over management practices for the family field, we have moved toward natural practices to maintain the quality and integrity of the berries, as well as the surrounding environment. The berries are organically grown and the field is pruned without the harshness and ecologically unsound propane burn. Instead, we carefully target areas for pruning by mowing that are least likely to affect nesting turtles, birds and the milkweeds so precious to the increasingly endangered monarch butterfly. We have also opened the field to Pick-your-own and have loved hosting tourists and locals alike to are grateful for the quiet immersion in the wild place that is our home. For info on our blueberries or on the u-pick season, or to arrange a homestead tour, just use the contact form on our page.

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The Nancy Place sits on 200 acres of family land in Orland, Maine. It is a mostly wooded place, with our little off-grid, solar farm...